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World’s most eligible bachelor, Hugh Grosvenor, no longer eligible, press can’t cope

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It’s been 200 years since Jane Austen died but it’s both comedic and crushing that we still treat rich, white men with the same reverence as Mrs Bennett.

World's most eligible bachelor, Hugh Grosvenor, no longer eligible, press can't cope
Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster, with girlfriend Harriet Tomlinson. 

According to press outlets in the United Kingdom, Britain’s youngest billionaire, the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, who also happens to be Prince George’s godfather and the richest man in the world under the age of 30, is now in a relationship with a woman. 

“World’s most eligible bachelor, the Duke of Westminster, is off the market,” is how the The Telegraph broke the news.

World's most eligible bachelor, Hugh Grosvenor, no longer eligible, press can't cope
The 25-year-old Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster.

“The news will doubtless devastate a generation of Tatlerites hoping to become acquainted with the Duke and his estimated £8.3 billion fortune (making him the third richest person in the UK and the 68th wealthiest in the world).”

“SORRY LADIES, HE’S OFF THE MARKET. Baby-faced billionaire the Duke of Westminster, 26, is no longer the UK’s most eligible bachelor,” screamed The Sun, as only the The Sun could.

Since we’ve had years to ogle Kate Middleton’s transformation from shy, middle-class professional to Duchess of Cambridge and a few months of Meghan Markle mania, now we have Harriet Tomlinson – the world’s latest Elizabeth Bennett.

Tomlinson, a 26-year-old who works in recruitment, is reportedly the new love in his life. 

World's most eligible bachelor, Hugh Grosvenor, no longer eligible, press can't cope
Harriet Tomlinson is the new girlfriend of Hugh Grosvenor, who has a reported wealth of $14 billion. 

A source close to the Duke told The Mirror: “Hugh and Harriet are blissfully happy. They have a lot of shared interests and are both very down to earth and ­family orientated. She’s a really lovely girl and very much the love of his life.”

To recap, Grosvenor is relatively new to his new title of Duke of Westminster, following the death of his father last year. He is a man in possession of an extensive property portfolio, impressive wine cellar and an entertaining LinkedIn profile.

Up until August 2016, Grosvenor was just your average old-moneyed millennial living his best life in blissful semi-obscurity, writing blogs titled: “How to produce an espresso from your rucksack”.

Since then, not a lot has changed other than he’s inherited 100 acres across Mayfair and 200 acres of Belgravia – two of the most expensive areas in the world – as well as plots in Oxford, Cheshire, Scotland and Spain. Not to mention his father’s entire $14 billion fortune.

Unlike his good family friends, Princes William and Harry, he’s rarely seen on the social scene dad-dancing or skiing with Australian models. Now he and his old school friend Tomlinson are reportedly dating.

The pair attended the prestigious Ellesmere College, a co-ed boarding school that costs $16,500-a-term. While the Duke went on to study at Oxford, she got out of the sloaney bubble and attended the University of Wales in Cardiff. Tomlinson has a slew of qualifications including a teaching degree and postgraduate certification in public relations and event management. 

Much to the chagrin of the media, Tomlinson – like her boyfriend – doesn’t have a huge online footprint but she is into LinkedIn, the same way Kylie Jenner is into Snapchat. 

While not a lot is known about her, she must have been an exemplary student for her former teacher Julian Salisbury to make the effort to log in and write her a recommendation on the professional platform.

“Harriet is very hardworking and an intelligent person who always strives to reach high standards in everything she does,” he wrote. 

The couple have reportedly “gone on a string of romantic mini-breaks”. The most recent being to California where they stayed at the exclusive Ventana resort on the Big Sur coast.

Congratulations to the happy, upwardly mobile couple on finding each other. God speed for the flurry of photographers who will now be on your tail.

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