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The Goss: Is bride-to-be Jasmine doing a Jesinta?

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The Goss spent much of the past week glued to the Vogue Runway app, which featured every outfit from every show at New York Fashion Week. While Calvin Klein seemed to be the critics’ choice, the Badgley Mischka show caught our attention for other reasons.

Front Row with Joe @joe_wak_ #badgleymischka #maraandmine

A post shared by Jasmine Yarbrough (@jasyarby) on Feb 13, 2018 at 9:45am PST

The Goss: Is bride-to-be Jasmine doing a Jesinta?
Wedding bells … Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough are due to marry. 

Jasmine Yarbrough, soon to be Mrs Karl Stefanovic, was in New York for showings for her shoe brand, Mara and Mine, and popped along to the Badgley Mischka show to see the brand’s fall 2018 presentation, which included several evening gowns.

So was she doing a Jesinta Franklin and shopping for her wedding gown from the frow, as Franklin did at Vera Wang exactly a year ago?

No, she wasn’t saying yes to the dress, Yarbrough told The Goss by email. She said she knows Badgley Mischka’s owners and couldn’t pass up the chance to see the show.

Which brings us to the question of who will make the dress for what is destined to be one of Australia’s biggest celebrity weddings of 2018. Applications are open.

No questions for Kate

Actress Kate Hudson is winging her way to Australia this week for a series of talks for Business Chicks, the women’s networking juggernaut spearheaded by mother of five Emma Isaacs.

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Since Isaacs took over in 2007, the group has hosted big names including Nicole Kidman, Arianna Huffington and Richard Branson.

The Goss: Is bride-to-be Jasmine doing a Jesinta?
Kate Hudson is coming to Australia this week as a guest of Business Chicks. 

So how do they hook such big fish?

Isaacs, who relocated to the US in 2016 to run Business Chicks there, said it’s all about building relationships.

The Goss: Is bride-to-be Jasmine doing a Jesinta?
Business Chicks boss Emma Isaacs sees herself “as a curator of talent and subjects and ideas”. 

She said some of the deals can take years of back and forth to come together.

“You can start talking to someone and five or six years later it comes off. It’s not like you make a pitch and it comes off straight away,” she said on Friday.

The Goss: Is bride-to-be Jasmine doing a Jesinta?
Star power … Tess (left) and Beth Macgraw are attracting attention from celebrities for their fashion label. 

“We are very patient, we will wait for the right talent and strike when the opportunity comes up.”

That may be so but The Goss has another theory. Business Chicks has a history of bringing out some talent on a “private” contract. So when The Goss requested an interview with Hudson ahead of next week’s lunches, we were told a firm “no”.

Isaacs said every guest is different and it is Business Chicks’ job to accommodate their needs.

“We give the talent a really good time. It’s our job to protect the talent,” she said.

Turns out the only person who gets to interview Hudson will be Isaacs herself, who we’re hoping will ask at least a few tough questions about Hudson’s Fabletics active wear label, which has made nearly $250 million in four years.

In 2016, Fabletics was forced to improve the transparency of its pricing model after a raft of to the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission.

Fabletics, which Hudson co-founded, works on a subscription model, much like a mobile phone contract, where customers pay a monthly fee in return for new merchandise. Some consumers complained to the ACCC they found themselves locked in to contracts without being aware of what they were signing up for.

But enough about that. Let’s at least hope Kate will talk about her central role in Time’s Up, the movement started by 300 Hollywood women to help fight sexual harassment and abuse.

As the owner of the country’s biggest women’s network, Isaacs said she felt a responsibility to address the #metoo and #timesup issues with Hudson.

“We’re trying to answer all the questions on every single woman’s mind,” she said.

“I see myself as a curator of talent and subjects and ideas. Celebrity gets ticked off with a talent like Kate but there’s also her advocacy work … they’re the people who are interesting to us, not one-dimensional types.”

Ready for take-off

It seems as the bad news continues to pour out of Myer like jars of molten Christmas gift Nutella – chief executive Richard Umbers was mercilessly forced out on Wednesday – the good news keeps coming for David Jones’ stable of Australian designers.

At this month’s season launch, sisters Beth and Tess Macgraw were feeling especially chuffed. Not only did their range receive widespread rave reviews domestically, but no sooner had it appeared on the runway than it had already begun making waves overseas.

The sisters, who won the 2016 National Designer Award, told The Goss before the show they would be hanging around near the stage door after the show, as their rose gold jumpsuit had to swiftly make its way into a jiffy bag to be posted to New York.

The Goss doesn’t wish to jinx the fortunes of one of Australia’s most exciting fashion exports, but let’s just say this. The jumpsuit was headed for the stylist of one of the world’s top models. And with nearly 17 million followers, if she wears it and posts it, a couple of Sydney sisters will be jumping for joy.

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