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Sarah Wilson to close I Quit Sugar

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Sarah Wilson has announced she is closing her health and wellness business, I Quit Sugar.

The former Masterchef host made the announcement on her website on Wednesday.

Sarah Wilson to close I Quit Sugar
Sarah Wilson made the announcement on her website on Wednesday. 

“Seven years into a movement, five years into a business, I feel my work in the realm is done,” Wilson wrote.

In her statement, she said she would be closing the business in order to uphold a commitment to not taking on advertising.

“Recently I’ve realised that to remain true to my original commitment, I must pivot course,” she wrote, later adding, “I’m an educator, a communicator. Not a money-spinner.”

Wilson said she made the decision to depart the business 12 months ago, intending to sell. However, staying with the business during a transition period for a potential new owner was something Wilson said she “could not and would not do”.

“But, you see, for a business that has the founder’s name and noggin all over it, my stance didn’t gel in the market,” Wilson said. “I suspect many also had a hard time understanding why a founder would want to walk from a successful business.”

Wilson, who edited Cosmopolitan magazine in the mid-2000s and has worked as a columnist for Fairfax Media and News Corp, said she would be sticking with advocacy but shifting her focus, noting she had “more education campaigns to ignite”.

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“The anxiety discussion, the food-waste movement… this is where I need to be,” she said. “As I say, my job is done in the sugar-free space and it would be remiss of me stay on board just to extract money for myself.”

Wilson started what would become I Quit Sugar in 2011, after giving up sugar as an experiment for her Sunday Life column. The experience led to an e-Book, which was then published in hard copy the following year.

Her business grew rapidly. Wilson is the author of three New York Times bestsellers on the subject, which have been translated into 12 languages. 

According to her website, 1.5 million people worldwide have signed up to I Quit Sugar’s eight-week nutrition program. The last round of the program will run in early April.

With its ubiquity, I Quit Sugar has often been the butt of jokes directed at the wellness industry.

The movement was famously parodied by Australian comedians Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney in their web series, The Katering Show, a light roasting which Wilson described as “friggen funny”.

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