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Samantha Armytage wasn’t the aim of last week’s paps

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Samantha Armytage took the bull by the horns when she decided to share three pictures of herself in a bathing suit so the paparazzi couldn’t profit from the ones she claimed were taken of her last weekend while enjoying a day out in North Bondi with her friends and her golden labrador Banjo .

Samantha Armytage wasn't the aim of last week's paps
Samantha Armytage with her friends and her dog at North Bondi last weekend. 

“Lovely, quiet, relaxing Sunday swimming with friends … and four paparazzi and a drone. Bastards,” she took to her Instagram to write.

“Trying to ruin my weekend bliss and make money from pics (sic) of me in my swimmers. Well here’s one for free,” she added before hashtagging the pictures: “Piss off paps.”

But some of the half a dozen or so photographers who were in North Bondi on the day were not there with the Channel 7 Sunrise presenter in mind, but a Hollywood A-lister who was dining nearby.

“We were all concentrated on North Bondi Fish trying to get shots of Kate Hudson, who was there with her boyfriend [Danny Fujikawa],” one photographer, who asked not to be named, said.

Another from a different agency added: “You’d get a lot more for Hudson.

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“I can’t speak for everyone, but it would be very unlikely that a drone would be put up to get pictures of someone on the beach. The images are usually low res, you can’t even really tell someone’s face, so they are not used for that.

“There’s a lot of hobby and kids with drones around at the moment.”

A third said: “Bondi, North Bondi in particular, is where the highest concentration of paps position themselves in the country, if you do not want to be papped you do not generally go there.”

Living in the area, of course, Armytage can go to the beach whenever she pleases, and following “granny panties-gate” it’s no surprise she feels the way she does, but this time it might have been a false alarm.

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