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‘I just want my country to help me’: Melissa George opens up about violent end to relationship

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Melissa George has opened up about the violent end to her relationship in an extraordinary interview where she has called upon Australia for help. 

George, 40, and the father of her two sons, 48-year-old French entrepreneur Jean David Blanc, were both found guilty of assaulting each other last year after a domestic incident in their Parisian home. 

The attack, according to George who spoke to Seven’s Sunday Night program, lasted 27-minutes and ended with her bloodied, bruised and barely conscious in the back of an Uber in the early hours of the morning. 

The two began arguing after George was trying to sleep while he ate and watched a movie. 

“It started with him on top of me with my arms locked above my head. I used my feet to get him off me for five minutes. I wet the bed. I wet the floor. I just went into a crazy moment of ‘I’m in deep shit, I’m in deep shit’. I had to fight for myself which made him more angry. Which made me more angry,” she said. 

Blanc then allegedly pushed her into a door, struck her face, slammed her head into a metal hatstand before smacking her in the mouth and standing over her saying: “Now you’re a real actress”. 

After scrambling to find her passport, the former Home and Away star made her way to a police station where she vomited at the front desk before she was taken to hospital. 

The couple were then summoned by police to give their version of events where Blanc, according to George, told authorities and her mother back in Australia she was “faking it”, is bipolar and has epilepsy. 

'I just want my country to help me': Melissa George opens up about violent end to relationship
Melissa George with Sunday Night reporter Steve Pennells. 

“The policeman then said ‘You can’t fake vomit in the trash can Monsieur. Or blood on the Uber car door’,” George said. 

Blanc was ordered to pay George €1000 in damages, and she to pay him €1 for scratching him. A bitter custody battle is now underway. 

'I just want my country to help me': Melissa George opens up about violent end to relationship
Australian actress Melissa George and former husband Jean-David Blanc in happier times. 

Her personal woes recently made headlines again when she attempted to take her two children, Raphael, 3, and Solal, 1, to the United States on board the private jet of a Russian oligarch a week after the attack. 

The children are now unable to travel outside of France without the consent of both parents. According to George the trip was for work and planned a month in advance. 

“I was absolutely not kidnapping. I’ll always come back. I will always do what’s right,” she said. 

Since the incident she has been unable to work and has no visa or means to support herself in her adopted homeland. She is now selling her possessions and receiving help from her Perth-based mother. 

Despite French authorities saying she is free to leave for work purposes, she refuses to do so without the children. Both her and Blanc now share weekly custody despite George still breastfeeding Solal. 

“I get text messages from him saying, ‘You’re destroying my baby by breastfeeding him. Would you like me to… you need to put your boobs in a bag.'”
Throughout the lengthy interview George appeared distraught and, at times, incoherent. 

“It was a separation that shouldn’t have happened. It was an accident and it got out of hand and now I have to suffer the consequences but it’s not right to keep us here without wanting to be here. It has to change. I have to be able to work and be with my babies,” she said, despite earlier telling a judge to “take away my career and my ability to work, I just want my babies.”

“I just want my country to help me get home and to see this crazy crap we’re going through. I need someone to understand what happened,” she said.

It is unclear what “help” the actor requires from Australia, however public sympathy may bode well for her in any future court hearings regarding the children. 

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