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How to get the most out of your mascara application

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We talk to legendary backstage makeup artist Elsa Morgan about the finer points of that desert island must-have: mascara.

Which celebrities do you think get mascara really right?

How to get the most out of your mascara application
Actress Kristen Stewart has the perfect mascara application down pat.  

I love how Kristen Stewart, Bella Hadid and Beyoncé all work their mascara so well, while achieving quite different effects. For Kristen Stewart it’s all about sultry volume, while for Bella Hadid, it’s separated, fine definition and for Beyoncé it’s major, full-on glamour. Each look takes not just the right mascara choice but also technique.

What are your tips for applying thickening mascara à la Kirsten Stewart?

How to get the most out of your mascara application
Beyonce make-up is always as fierce as her performances. 

For lashes that complement a cool smoky eye, use a thickening, volumising mascara and work the mascara wand well into the lash line for lashes that are super full and well coated. Use a horizontal wiggle of the wand to really get into the base of the lashes both top and bottom and then push the wand up and out; two coats should do the trick. It is key to get the mascara right into the base of the roots to create the illusion of more length.

For Bella Hadid lashes?

For well-defined lashes that give a pretty, fresh-eyed look, use a lengthening clump-free formula that separates lashes well. Apply one coat to the top and bottom lashes and use a spoolie [this resembles a clean mascara brush] to comb out any excess clumps of mascara.

For Beyonce’s glamour lash?

For full glam lashes, go for a high-impact volumising and lengthening mascara. Remember to use a fanning out action with the wand and apply a third coat for intensity.

What is your favourite mascara and why?

My favourite mascara at the moment is Kevyn Aucoin’s Volume Mascara. I love that it’s a “tubing” formula [a formula that creates a ‘tube’ around your lashes rather than coating them], so it just cleans off at the end of the day in the shower without the need for harsh rubbing or makeup remover!

Do you ever stray from black mascara? 

I personally have never been a fan of any mascara colour other than black.

Incoming: New mascara trend

Two-tone lashes

This trend is about combining black and brown mascara (or a personal favourite of mine, navy). Try coating three quarters of the lash with black mascara and finish the last third with brown or navy. Or take a leaf out of makeup artist Tom Pecheux’s book and mix it up by coating the top lashes with black and applying brown to the lower lashes.

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