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Breaking: woman yawns (or, how to publish a ‘celebs without makeup’ story in 2017)

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Thought Wednesday’s biggest story was the release of Trump’s tax returns? Think again.

You must have missed the Daily Mail’s scoop on Jesinta Franklin taking time out of her busy schedule to have a yawn at Sydney airport yesterday.

Breaking: woman yawns (or, how to publish a 'celebs without makeup' story in 2017)
Jesinta Franklin showcases a design during the David Jones Gala Runway Show at VAMFF on March 14, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.  

The write-up documents Franklin, who was known as Jesinta Campbell prior to her marriage to AFL player Lance “Buddy” Franklin in November, returning to Sydney after walking in the David Jones show at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Sure, the article may contain 14 images of the former Miss Universe Australia walking through Kingsford-Smith possibly bare-faced (or at least, more scantily-faced that she is when, say, walking a runway after a professional makeup artist has been paid to cover her visage in goo), but a “celebrity without makeup” story is very NW circa 2006.

Breaking: woman yawns (or, how to publish a 'celebs without makeup' story in 2017)
The Daily Mail’s enlightening story on Jesinta Franklin’s yawn. 

The real story is that this woman yawned! While at an airport! A location universally known for providing endless stimulus and excitement!

If this was not the case, why would the Daily Mail have given their story the headline, “Wake up sleepyhead! Tired Jesinta Franklin lets out a large yawn as she arrives back in Sydney makeup free following David Jones catwalk show”?

The photo essay was only necessary to demonstrate the full extent of her yawn, which saw her mouth move from closed, to open, to closed again, presumably while emitting a small amount of air and making a faint “huuuuuhhhwwwgh” sound, although video footage of the yawn is yet to be released.

It was a manouevre performed solely with the gesticulation of her left hand, but this should only be read to be a consequence of Franklin holding her iPhone with her right hand and not any reflection on the size or quality of the yawn which, as the pictures show, was both large and good.

The average adult yawns roughly 20 times per day, so it is remarkable Australia’s own Jesinta Franklin has become the first person to ever do so while at a commercial airport. A true win for our nation.

In other news, here is Prince William, known mid-30s man, dancing like a mid-30s man.

… he, um, also appeared to not be wearing any makeup.

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